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Facility Electrical Evaluation

When we do a facility evaluation we look at the electrical equipment, the panels the main electrical service and the generators. Then it is important to see what maintenance records you have of what you’ve done so far to maintain your equipment. I am not talking about repairing, I’m talking about maintaining. Have you done infrared scanning? If you have a ground fault main in your electrical service, have you had it tested. Have you had your generator tested? Was it load tested? Have you done oil samples? Have you done coolant samples? Have you sent this stuff out to the laboratory to get a better look at what’s really going on inside that engine? So these are the things that if we see what you have done then I can then steer you where we want to go to prevent that catastrophic failure rather than dealing with a catastrophic failure and the huge expense that comes along with that failure.

Facility  HVAC Failures

The biggest mechanical equipment failure that we see is HVAC equipment and again with our rental equipment we can help you get through that emergency. Recently we had a hotel chain that waited till their roof top unit completely died which meant that with this last winter we had here, we had to bring in a bunch of electric heaters and generator and cable and panels and there was an astronomical cost to supply temporary heat to the meeting room so that they could still meet their requirements and their responsibilities to the clients that they rented the space to but it was at a cost to them that was phenomenal for the temporary equipment that was needed had they replaced the roof top unit when they started having a problem with it instead of having waiting till it was completely dead.

Facility Generator Failures

The next biggest mechanical equipment failures are generators. Generators do require maintenance and testing. If they are properly maintained and properly tested you will get a long life out of the equipment. If you neglect the equipment it will come back and get you. We had a client that neglected to do coolant changes when we had recommended for them to change the coolant in the cooling system they waited a couple more years and by then the radiator had completely rotted out. It was a custom radiator we had to take it out and bring it to a radiator shop, they had to actually custom make a new radiator and again the numbers were staggering had they done a coolant change years early they wouldn’t have had that expense. So again they saved $10 on a coolant change and it cost them thousands of dollars later to replace the radiator. It is important to note that we own a fleet of trailor mounted diesel generators so there is no need to involve another vendor.

Data Center Facility

The cost of a larger generator to do the entire facility was almost the same as purchasing and installing a smaller generator.


Distribution Facility

We didn't want to be reliant on the gas utility company to back up the electric company. We know with a diesel fuel generator, as long as we have fuel we’re good to go.


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Residential Complex

We had picked up all the hallway lighting, the elevators, the domestic hot water heating system, fire alarm, card access system and many services which were not on the old generators.


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Entertainment Complex

As far as the customers and the clientele knew, everything was status quo normal while we did our repairs.


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Pharmaceutical Retail

After going through numerous prolonged power failures, they had come to realize that the minimal generator they had there was not keeping them in business.


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Generator Installation

Academy Electrical Contractors ia a full service electrical contractor specializing in Emergency Power Generator Installations.


Generator Rental

Electrical Power Systems offers sales and generator rental, heaters and air conditioners for all residential and commercial needs.

Sales and Rental


Facility Managers can schedule an appointment for an on-site evaluation of the electrical systems and backup emergency power needs of thier facility in order to maximize the effeciency of their operation.


Preventative Maintenance Agreements are available to Facility Managers to ensure smooth operation and lower operations cost associated with the electrical and emergency power aspects of their facility.


We do facility generator testing utlizing your load bank or our own load bank testing equipment. Call to discuss your requirments and we can determine the most cost effective strategy to get your generator tested.


If you have an emergency, planning a shut down, or are interested in having standby power available for seasonal purposes we have generators at our facility for most required sizes. We are authorized Cummins and Kohler dealers.